Friday, March 4, 2011

Ruby Star Rising is Finally Mine!

Ever since seeing pictures from Quilt Market of Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising line, I have been obsessed with snatching up some of the viewfinder print.  Obsessed!  And finally, it is mine!

I have True Up's Friday Sale Alerts to thank.  They kindly pointed me to Nido, which had almost all of the prints!  I had been telling myself that I would only order the viewfinder print because it was expensive and I really had nothing in mind to make with it, but then I came across this awesome collage of all of the prints in the line.  How could I not order a yard of this?

I just want to frame the entire thing so it can hang on the wall for me to admire every day.  I can't imagine how long it's going to take me to cut into this fabric.  I'm sure I'll spend at least a year deciding what is worthy of these amazing prints.  I can see those utensils on a half apron, but would I use the half apron enough to justify cutting the fabric?  These are the decisions I'll have to make!

Much to the dismay of my family, I have spent my life, up until about a year ago, not being a tea drinker.  Lately I have discovered a love for chai tea.  It's a nice way to break up the afternoon at work, and the smell always reminds me of Christmas.  I would love to have afternoon chai with these stylish ladies.  I would need to break out a fancy teapot for their company.  More like steal one from my mom, but you get the point.

Transistor radios?  Seriously?  They kind of look like scales to me from afar, so my first thought is to use this strip to embellish some dish towels.  I'll let that one mull over for a bit though.  I don't want to make any hasty decisions!

I can't get enough of these utensils, and they're right next to my beloved viewfinders.  Swoon!

And let's throw in some elephants to add a little cuteness!

These mugs remind me of the Pyrex dishes that I got from my grandmother.  Only classy mugs for those classy tea ladies!  I am beyond delighted with this collage of sorts.  Such decisions to be made!

But now on to my first Ruby Star Rising love: the viewfinders.  As a true child of the 80s, I had a viewfinder.  I loved how the light poured through the image when you put it up to your face and the click of the slides as they advance.  It was magical.  And yet I can't remember any specific sets of slides that we had.  I'm sure they had to do with animals.

Aren't they glorious?

I love how you can actually read the text on the slides.  I have no idea what I'll be using this fabric for, but I know it's going to need to be something that I come into contact with every day.  I need these viewfinders in my daily life!  You better snatch up some while you still can!


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