Sunday, May 12, 2013

Germania Renfrew and Floral Miette

I thought I'd be posting the black work skirt that I've been working on for forever (ugh), but instead I have two very quick projects to show you.

First up, I finally made a Renfrew! This was so fast and easy to put together, but I think I didn't choose a knit with enough stretch because when I'm not sitting perfectly still I get some pulling in the chest. That is something I never ever thought I would say! I really like the fit around the waist and the hips, which looks a lot nicer in person than in this picture. Let me just say right now that these are not my best pictures as they were both taken in a hurry before dinner reservations.

The knit is a Jay McCaroll print from the Germania line that I bought ages ago. On my next Renfrew I think I'm going to just sew the sleeves  and upper bodice with a slightly smaller seam allowance to give myself a little more room. And also use a stretchier knit. I am impressed with how straight I got the stripes on the print to line up. This was the first time that I've dealt with stripes!

Sewaholic Renfrew

Next up is my first of what I think will be a few Miettes (I already have one ready to be cut). I love this pattern from Tilly. It took me a mere few hours to complete and the shape is super flattering. I love how much overlap there is in the back of the skirt, making it less likely that my skirt will fly open while walking down the street.

Floral Miette

I did, however, learn one lesson while making this skirt: do not cut fabric on a Friday night after work. Notice anything about this pattern? That's right, the butterflies are upside down! I half feel like I wasted this gorgeous Anna Maria Horner print, but I'm wearing this baby anyway. Most people won't notice anyway, right?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RIP Google Reader

I have two finished garments to show you, but by the time I get around to photographing them I'll probably have three! Stay tuned!

In sadder news, I've been resisting this since it was announced, but I guess since Google isn't reconsidering, I'm on the hunt for a new RSS reader. I'm trying out Bloglovin and Feedly but I don't like either as much as I liked Reader. I guess I'll be forced to choose come July 1st!

Here's the link in case you use Bloglovin:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

What did you all decide on?