Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Weekend Sewing Plans

Nick and his best man are taking a roadtrip to Toronto for the weekend, so that leaves me with two full days of sewing bliss!  Not that I can't sew when Nick is home.  Rather, this is my chance to FINALLY get started on making a muslin and, if I'm lucky, actually starting to sew together the lovely Crepe.  As with the Pendrell blouse sew-along, I had intended to partake in Gertie's Crepe sew-along.  But I got behind in some Christmas sewing projects and never got started.  Two months later, I'm giving it a whirl.  Isn't the cover art so classy?  I'll be making view 1.

I'm hoping that I don't run into too many issues while fitting my muslin.  I know that I'm going to have to do a small bust adjustment to the bodice, as Colette patterns are designed with bigger busted ladies in mind, but other than that, I'm not sure what fitting issues I'll run into.  I printed out all of Gertie's wonderfully instructed sew-along posts to help me along. 

I'll be making the dress out of a pink cotton lawn swiss dot with a gray swiss dot sash.  If all goes well, I could be wearing this dress for Easter!

If things don't go well or, more hopefully, I just need a break from the Crepe, I'll be tackling the first of many sets of curtains that I need to make to accompany the new windows that we got in November.  We've had the cheapo paper blinds up for awhile now while we decide what fabric we want for each set of curtains and the kitchen set now falls down every afternoon while we're at work.  Since we're planning on renovating the kitchen next year, we went with a relatively cheap cotton as a quick fix until we decide what the permanent curtains will be.   We snagged some Nicey Jane Picnic Bouquet Light Blue from

I'm going with a simple tab top curtain style.  It's not my favorite, but the window is above the counter and sink and I'm afraid it would be too hard to open and close them if I made them any other way.  I plan on making grommet curtains for the living room window and sliding glass door, but I didn't want to invest that much in kitchen curtains that we might be taking down in a year.  I'm considering it a practice run for the rest of the house.  Wish me luck!


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