Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Progress

Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through 2011?  I thought now would be a good time to take a look at my 2011 resolutions.  While these might seem pretty easy to accomplish, I decided to be realistic for once in my life in regards to how much time I would actually have to complete these tasks.  If only I could play all day instead of going to work!

Make 14 items for charity.  So far my items for charity have been pretty diverse.  
(1) When I got my new serger, Mr. Nilsson, I tested it out by making a pillowcase for ConKerr Cancer. 
(1) I embroidered the Trenton Makes Bridge to raise money for the South Trenton Area Residents’ Society.  Someone paid $20 to take it home!
(1) I sent some of the Valentine’s Day cards that I made at the Fleisher Art Memorial to Etsy, who distributed them through Meals on Wheels.  I’m counting this as one item since they were quick and easy to make.
(2) I put together delivery kits for Konbit Sante, an organization that works to improve the healthcare system in Haiti.  Each kit included materials for a clean birth, a receiving blanket, and a small stuffed toy.
(1) Quilted one star block for the Just One Star challenge hosted by Moda.  The goal is to piece together the blocks to make 100 quilts for injured soldiers.

Grand total so far: 6.  I’m almost halfway through!  The problem is that I think every cause I come across is worthwhile and I want to take part in them all.  My problems are big, I know.

Sew one wearable dress, skirt, and blouse.  I did sew a blouse, but unfortunately it was unwearable for me because it was too big!  I think I'll try to make the Pendrell again, but until then I’m all ready to go to make a skirt during the Crescent skirt sew-along.  I am making slow progress on my Crepe dress, which I hope to return to early next week.  The good news is that, although not part of this resolution, the jacket that I’m working on is looking to turn out very nicely.

Make one quilt.  This project has been taking a back seat while I finish up some unfinished projects.  Now that I finally finished the kitchen curtains, I’m going to make some headway on the Crepe dress before I start tackling a quilt.  The good news is that I have most of my fabric and selected a pattern.  I just need to select sashing, border, and binding fabrics and I’ll be ready to start!

Knit 10 panels for afghan.  So far, I have finished one green and one yellow panel.  I thought I’d be farther along on this one by now.  I do most of my knitting on the train ride home after work but I’ve been so tired that I’ve just been passing out instead of knitting.  I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.  I do expect to get a ton of knitting done on our Great Western Adventure though, so I’m not too worried!  The sad part is that even after I finish 10 panels I still won’t be done the afghan!

Run the Broad Street Run in under 2 hours.  I’m going to be honest: up until last week I didn’t think this was going to happen for me this year.  I was having terrible knee and hip pain, even while walking, that made running impossible.  My chiropractor and I were able to link the knee pain back to hip flexor issues.  And then he changed my life forever and ordered me a high density foam roller.  I got the roller on Monday, March 28th and started using it right away.  The next day I could walk without any pain in my knee or hip.  On Thursday, March 31st, after two days without pain, I ran 2 miles to test out my progress.  Still no pain!  On Sunday, Nick and I went on a glorious 6.5 mile run through Tyler Park and I am still completely without pain.  I am convinced that the foam roller is my key to staying healthy because apparently regular stretching wasn’t cutting it.  I highly recommend getting one if you exercise regularly (which you definitely should be doing)!  I’m back on track with training and am happy that we’ll be able to fundraise for Back on My Feet again.  They deserve it!

I’m hoping to continue to keep up my resolutions for the rest of the year and accomplish all of them!

How are your New Year’s resolutions going?


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