Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Down, Nine to Go

I spent last night admiring the snow and finishing up one panel for my afghan.  I had a small portion of this one completed before the start of this year, but I'm considering it part of the 10 that I wanted to knit this year.  I already had two panels completed: one orange and one charcoal gray (although it looks blue-ish in these pictures), and I added the green panel to the mix.  I'm really liking how the colors look together so far.

Don't you love how knitted things look up close?

Unfortunately my camera is the worst at taking pictures in low light, which is pretty much every picture I try to take during the week in the winter, and also the worst at taking pictures of details.  Needless to say, I'm in the market for a new camera, especially since we're going to be taking a cross-country roadtrip in August.  I was looking at DSLRs and I had pretty much decided on a Canon Rebel 2ti, but was a bit concerned about having to switch lenses and carry around the extra weight of multiple lenses while hiking (which we are going to be doing a lot while on vacation).  On the same exact day that I had accepted the extra weight and was ready to deal with it, FujiFilm announced their new Finepix HS20.  The HS20 has pretty much every feature that I liked in the Rebel 2ti except you don't have to change lenses.  Sure, it has fewer MPs and will take a slightly worse picture, but I think it's a better choice for what I am going to use.  Now I just have to wait until March for it to hit stores!


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