Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty Things Thursday: Sewing Supplies

Isn't a hobby always more fun when you have pretty supplies to work with?  As soon as I started sewing, I knew that I needed a pretty box to keep all of my stuff in.  I checked out the boxes in Joann, but they weren't fun enough, so I turned to Ebay.  Ahhh, Ebay, land of the wondrous treasures.  Of course I found one that I loved and was super excited when I won the auction.

Isn't it awesome?  Unfortunately I can't remember who I bought it from. 

As I got into different projects, I found that I needed a seam roll and a tailor's ham for pressing.  I wasn't about to invest in the plain old tailor's ham and seam roll that Dritz sells.  Why are they so boring?

So, I turned to The Cupcake Goddess and she had these awesome pressing tools!  Aren't they so fun?  And she included neat little instruction tags that explained why there is a wool side and a cotton side on each seam roll and tailor's ham.  I never knew that you used the wool side for low heat and the cotton side for high heat, but it makes total sense now.

Don't they look like best pals?  They certainly do make pressing a whole lot better.


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