Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fabric Storage Cart

Since we were in Conshohoken picking up Nick's very pretty brand new Toyota Matrix (his car died a couple of weeks ago), we decided to swing by Ikea afterwards and test out the storage space.  We only had a half an hour before we needed to head back home, so it was one of the quickest and most organized Ikea visits we have ever had.  I wish I could say it was the quickest, but we once were able to be in and out within 10 minutes.  I doubt this will ever happen again.  The key to a quick Ikea trip is to not go up to the showroom.  Even if you tell yourself that you're going to walk quickly through some sections and only go to, say, the kitchens, you are kidding yourself.  You will get stuck looking at things that you have absolutely no interest in buying.  This is part of the magic of Ikea.

I picked up a simple rolling cart that had basket drawers.  It fits perfectly in the closet in our office.

Once Flick realized that there was a space underneath, he needed to investigate.  I hope it meets his standards!

The sample that was put together only had three baskets, and now that it is put together I realized that we can fit another basket on the bottom.  Even better!  It's nice that I can roll it out if I need to get to the large filing cabinet that is to the left of the cart, but I like that I can keep it in the closet and pull the drawers out if need be.

Now we have a reason to go back to Ikea.  Isn't that always how it works?


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