Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Twelve Days of Flicksmas

I know Christmas was three weeks ago, but I have a lot to recap!  My husband Nick surprised me this year with the Twelve Days of Flicksmas, a pseudo advent named after our cat, Flick.  We know that the Twelve Days of Christmas take place after Christmas, but he took liberties creating his own thing.

Each day, I received a box with a Photoshopped (Nick actually used Paint, but I couldn't exactly say Painted without misleading you) image of our cat representing the day in the series.  What can I say?  We are total weirdos.  Inside each box was a small gift.  He planned ahead so that the boxes created a tower at the end of the series.

...and a Flicky under the tree. This box included a super sized Hershey kiss.  Yum!

Two Turtle Flicks: Today I got a new box of pins for sewing.

Three Flick Hens: Included in this box was a small version of The Snowman.

Four Rabbit Feet (we call Flick's back paws rabbit feet because they pretty much look the same!): A pack of super strong magents.  Finally!  I hate when things fly off the fridge when we walk by.

Five Raccoon Tails (when Flick gets all riled up, his tail puffs up and it looks very similar to a raccoon tail): This box gave me a rubber thimble for hand sewing.  Yes!

Six Flickas crouching: This box had a bunch of different colored and sized buttons.

Seven Flickies Swimming: a tab of Lush Toner.  I am obsessed with Lush products. 

Eight Flicks a-Licking (one of the Flicks is actually licking my face while I was trying to take a nap.  Can you guess which Flick is the real one?): Today brought me a small It's a Wonderful Life snowglobe and a small Sharpie. 

Nine Flickas Dancing: This day I got a tshirt with the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on it and an impromptu dance party in our living room!

Ten Flicks a-Leaping: Nick surprised me with some Satellite Wafers, a candy that a friend thought I would like.  They were pretty good, but I couldn't eat a lot of them.  Too bad, because we have a large box of them.  If you are a fan, let me know!

Eleven Flickies Romping: I got one of my favorite gifts today: A spork, which I always covet whenever we go to EMS.  It's actually a spoon, fork, and knife in one.  Super awesome.  Perhaps I will have the opportunity to use it on our cross-country road trip this summer while we're camping in Yellowstone!

Twelve Flickas Drumming (I bet you didn't know that Flick was so multi-talented!): The last day of Flicksmas brought me Cafe Du Monde beignets in bed made by Nick.  When we went to New Orleans in September, we became obsessed with beignets, and I insisted on going to Cafe Du Monde twice during our 5 day stay.  If you ever find yourself in New Orleans, you must go there.  They only serve beignets, and they are damn good at it.

Although not part of the Twelve Days of Flicksmas, Nick also surprised me with our very own Sam, the snowman from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

He's made from an old lamp that I got from my grandparents when they downsized into an apartment.  Isn't he spot on?!


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