Friday, April 1, 2011

Threading Together Weekend Plans

Not sure what to do this weekend?  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, here are two exhibitions that might interest you.

The Uncommon Threads Fiber Show is showing at ArtWorks in Trenton through April 15, 2011.  Nick and I traveled across the Trenton Makes bridge in February for the Hearts and STARS fundraiser at ArtWorks, which is located in a really awesome converted warehouse. 

Image taken from ArtWorks

Taken from the ArtWorks website, here is a short blurb about Uncommon Threads:

“The artists in Uncommon Threads work with fiber in many forms, including textile, yarn, paper and straw. Their techniques range from the traditions of quilting, home-spinning and weaving, to modern approaches such as photographic transfer, found object montage and sculptural felting.”

Image taken from ArtWorks

Sounds awesome, no?  Nick and I will be heading over there tomorrow to check it out.  If they let us take pictures, I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the complete opposite direction from our house is Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion, which is showing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art through June 5, 2011.  Whether you’re a lover of fashion, design, construction, pretty colors, unusual garments, or art in general, I think you’ll find something to like at this exhibition.  I watched the behind the scenes video this morning (on the page linked above) and was enthralled by the amount of detail that not only went into the garments but into setting up the exhibition as well.

Image taken from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Since Nick and I are members at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, our tickets are free!  If you’re not a member, be forewarned that you have to purchase tickets separately from admission to the museum.  Tickets are $22 for adults and $16 for students/children ages 13-18.  And if it ever decides to act like Spring around here, you could enjoy a nice walk along the Schuylkill River Trail afterwards.

Image taken from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Aside from visiting Uncommon Threads, I have some heavy sewing worked into my weekend plans.  I insist on finally finishing our kitchen curtains.  I do not want to go to work on Monday morning with those paper blinds still hanging up and threatening to fall the minute I step out of the house!  I also have to cut out my fashion fabric and lining pieces for the Roundabout Jacket as homework for my sewing class.  I’m ready to start constructing the actual jacket.  Very exciting!!  We’re only halfway through this session of sewing class, so I’m thinking that I will be able to fit in a Passport jacket before it’s over.  Once I finish my homework, I’m going back to my failed Crepe muslin.  The lovely Tasia of Sewaholic was nice enough to answer my question about fixing the fit, so I’ll be applying her expert advice and seeing where that takes me.  I have a feeling it will turn out a lot better.  My fingers are crossed and I hope that yours will be too!

What are your creative plans for the weekend?


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