Monday, April 18, 2011

What a Waist!

Saturday was super gloomy around these parts, so I had plenty of time to try another go around with the Crepe dress.  This time I had mild success.  As Tasia of Sewaholic suggested, I cut out the bodice in the size that fit my bust (size 0) and will grade out to my hip measurement.  After tracing the seamlines with black thread, I basted the bodice together. 

Yes, it's still too big.  I'm wondering how this could be since my bust measurement is exactly what size 0 is fitted for.  The back was a bit baggy too.

I started pinching in fabric to try and make this thing fit correctly.   In her Crepe sew along, Gertie suggested taking in the length and side seams to adjust for a smaller bust.  These methods worked!  Hurrah!

The fitting is still a little off.  The darts fall in the wrong spots, and, after double checking the markings on my muslin with the pattern pieces, I realized that the indicators for where the sash goes are way too high on my torso.  I'm going to do a little more research on my body measurements, but at first guess I think this is because I am long-waisted.  If this turns out to be true, I'll have to add length in the waist area to accommodate this.  Yes, that means another muslin.  At least we're making progress!

I also cut out and traced the seam allowances on the pattern pieces in preparation for the Crescent Skirt sew along, which starts today.  I'm excited to finally be participating in a sew along!  I just have to pick up some muslin from Joann after work and I'll be on my way to making a wearable skirt.  Stay tuned for progress updates!


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