Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yellow Gingham Pendrell

On Thursday and Friday nights last week, I put together my second Pendrell.  This time, I used view C, and cut out the size smaller than the first one.  The smaller size worked out perfectly.  I finally have a wearable Pendrell!

I was rushing to finish it so I could wear it with my Ginger on a trip to NYC this past Sunday.  I ended up not wearing it because I initially thought it didn't look right with my Ginger, but upon second thought I think it looks pretty good!

I had originally ordered this fabric online to make napkins, but when it arrived in the mail I thought it was too thin to be useful as a napkin.  It's thin enough that I need to wear a tank top underneath it and while I'm not thrilled about being able to see the tank through the blouse, it's still wearable.  Actually, the tank that I have on in these pictures adds a neat effect.  It kinda reminds me of the Colette Macaron in a way.

The Pendrell is quick and easy to put together and the look is very flattering.  I don't think I can wear mine when it's not tucked in though.  I need waist definition, and when untucked the blouse is a bit too baggy for my shape.

Doesn't this combination just beg to be taken on a picnic?


  1. Absolutely lovely - bring on the picnic! I really, really, really like the way your blouse turned out and the colour is great. I have a Pendrell on my summer list of things to do… maybe next week if I’m ever finished with that quilt!

  2. Thanks! View C is super easy and fast to put together. I tried View A earlier in the year and it was easy too, it just took a bit longer because of the ruffles.

  3. Adorable! Yellow is a perfect color for you! It looks great with the Ginger!


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