Monday, October 24, 2011

Sew U Blouse Muslin

Back in the beginning of September, I started working on a muslin of the blouse in Sew U. Everyone else in my sewing class was working off of a commercial pattern and I was the lone wolf working out of a book. It turns out everyone else had the right idea. I would have bought a pattern but I missed the $.99 Simplicity sale and I was not about to pay full price for something if I had something equally as useful on hand (so I thought).

The instructions are pretty confusing and sparse at times, making me thankful that I have an instructor who I can go to with questions. The collar section was especially confusing, and at times my instructor shook her head at the instructions and decided we should go rogue and do things the right way. Again, I am thankful that she is there. 

SewU Blouse Muslin Front

At times it felt like I was sewing without instructions, a challenge I am not completely up for at this point in my sewing experience.  But this is not why it took me so long to put the muslin together. I haven’t worked on the blouse during non-class time and I missed a class a couple of weeks ago.

SewU Blouse Muslin Back

I ended up taking in the side seams and back darts a tiny bit and changing where the point of the bust dart fell. Overall I think it looks pretty good!

Last week I made the hard decision to put aside all other sewing projects besides my blouse so I can get started on the gifts that I’ll be making for Christmas and the holiday season.  The blog might be a little quiet over the next couple of months while I’m stitching away. Some of the gifts are for non-readers so I'll post them when they are finished, but I need to keep a few under wraps until they’re gifted.  I can’t have them seeing the gifts before they receive them!  And no I will not tell you if you are going to be receiving a handmade gift, so don’t even ask!


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