Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sew U Blouse

A new season of Project Ridgway starts today!  This is our third session with our fabulous instructor.  The first session focused on making a jacket, during which I made my Runabout Jacket.  The second session focused on making a dress, and I actually ended up making two: my (just needs to be hemmed) Passport dress and my St. Simons Island dress.  I have learned so much from our instructor and am happy that she agreed to start up another round of 10 weeks of classes.

This time we’re all focusing on making a blouse.  Our instructor says that if you can make a blouse, you can make anything.  I really hope that is true.  I somehow managed to order my blouse material before I left for vacation, but I didn’t make it to Joann to pick up the pattern during their pattern sale.  I refuse to buy a pattern full price from Joann.  I have a few 50% off coupons, but they just aren’t as good of a deal as the pattern sales, which are sometimes 5 for $5.

The other day I remembered that I have a small bookcase full of crafting books, including many sewing books from which I have not made a single project.  Lo and behold, Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe, has a pattern for a blouse!

Image Source
As usual, I’m going to make a muslin first.  The pattern is pretty basic, but Sew U offers a bunch of different ways to mix it up.  I’m thinking that once I get the basic fit down, I could make a million versions of this blouse—or at least one for every season.

I’ve had the Lisette Traveler pattern in my stash for a while now, but have been afraid to try out the dress because I’ve never made a blouse.  I’m thinking that after tackling the Sew U blouse I’ll have enough confidence to try out the Traveler dress.  That’s my plan anyway!


  1. You know, I bought that book a while ago and have not made a thing from it as I kind of forgot about it. Enjoy your new class... you'll be whipping up blouses, and the Traveler dress, in no time.

  2. Ha I hope so! I'm making a very simple blouse: no pockets or fancy yokes! So far it's coming together pretty easily.


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