Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty Things Thursday: My Wedding Ring

Since my engagement ring was so special, I knew that my wedding ring also needed to be since they would be spending their lives next to each other.  After searching at all of the local jewelry stores and a few online, I didn't find one ring that I thought was worthy of being on my finger every day.  That's when Nick and I decided that we should just custom design my ring like Nick did with my engagement ring.

I had always loved the rings that my parents gave each other when they were younger.  They are spoon rings and I love the detailing that is etched into the metal.  We sent a picture of the rings to the same jeweler that made my engagement ring and they sent us a sketch.  It was perfect!  They designed it so my engagement ring would lock nicely into it.  Isn't it perfect?

I am super pumped because I just realized that my ring is one of the featured rings on the Leber custom rings page!  They even have the sketch that they originally sent us and an explanation of the design process in the sidebar!

Like my engagement ring, my wedding ring is made from recycled platinum.  The scary part of the process was that I had to ship my engagement ring back to them so they could ensure that the slot in the wedding ring was the correct size.  I love how they fit together and I think the classic style of my engagement ring compliments the fanciness of my wedding ring perfectly.


I love wearing them every day!


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