Monday, October 17, 2011

Five Alive!

Does anyone else remember Five Alive, the delicious fruit drink?  My grandmother used to have it in her fridge all of the time and I loved it.  I was delighted when Nick and I had dinner at the swanky Bonsoir√©e
in Chicago and they served us their representation of Five Alive with the palate cleansing course.  It was delicious and way better than the actual drink would taste to me as an adult.

Anyway, here is panel #5 for my knitted afghan.  It's pretty sad that it took me since May to finish this!

Fifth Panel for Blanket

I guess I'm just not in the mood to knit in the Summer.   

Fifth Panel for Blanket

I think it's pretty certain that I won't make my goal of knitting 10 panels in 2011.  That's OK though since I think I'm on track with everything else!   

Fifth Panel for Blanket

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  1. I hate knitting in the summer, too! Everything gets all sweaty and heavy and hot-- yuck!


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