Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Second Wedding Anniversary

I can't believe it has already been two years since Nick and I got married!  Our wedding was at the very beginning of my crafting era, but we did incorporate some items to make the day a little more personal.

Most of the pictures in this post were taken by our awesome photographer, Misty Dawn Pfeil.  Check out the blog post for our wedding for more pics!  And while you're at it, you can check out our engagement session that we had in downtown Newtown.

We had our ceremony and reception at the Fonthill Museum in Doylestown, PA (you'll learn more about Fonthill and its designer/owner Henry Chapman Mercer tomorrow).  As soon as we set foot on the grounds we knew it would be perfect.  Doesn't it look awesome?

Fonthill Museum

It looks even better in Misty's photos!  The cool thing was that we got to have the museum open for our guests to check out during cocktail hour.

This is a little off-topic, but I know you wouldn't forgive me if I didn't include a picture of my dress.  I absolutely loved the back of my dress.  I liked the front and I loved the lace straps, but the back is what sold me on it.

Nick and I were excited to incorporate things we love about the Fall into our wedding.  We made all of our table centerpieces by potting mums into terracotta pots.  Nick then set up a rig to display some of our favorite books to act as the table markers.

We printed out library cards to help our guests find their tables.  Originally we tried to use a typewriter to type onto real library check-out cards, but it was too hard to get them perfectly aligned between the lines so they were legible.  Instead, I took to Adobe InDesign to copy the design of the library cards and then inserted all of the text into the template.  This was MUCH easier.  I found the curvy toothpicks online.  They are meant to label hors d’oeuvres.

Back when Nick was a reporter, he did a story on a woman who carved pumpkins competitively.  We contacted her to see if she'd carve a pumpkin using the logo that we developed for the wedding and she agreed!  This lovely sat outside of our front door for a couple of weeks after the wedding.  We had the fanciest pumpkin on the block!

All of the bouquets and boutonnieres were Gerbera daisies, so we ordered a few extra to scatter amongst the cupcakes.  I found our cupcake stand online (unfortunately I can't remember where).  It was a simple cardboard stand.  We printed our programs on our computer using craft paper, so I kept the tops of the stand tiers plain and glued purple ribbon along the sides of the tiers.  And oh yeah, the cupcakes were the most delicious cupcakes we have ever had.  The good thing is that they are from a local bakery so we can order some whenever we want!  We also ordered a small round cake for the top of the cupcake tower, which my mom wrapped up like the apocalypse was coming so it would taste just as fresh on our one year anniversary.  It worked!

Lastly, I made small clutches for my bridesmaids and flower girl using the Itty Bitty Bag pattern that I found on BurdaStyle. They were surprisingly easy to make, even though I was pretty new to sewing at the time.  I made one for myself too and still keep it in my giant work bag in case I need to run out anywhere during the day. I especially love the green button.


Nick and I were so happy that we got to put our own stamp on our wedding day and that we had such a skilled photographer to document everything for us.  We were a little slow in sorting through our proofs to compile an album, but we should finally receive it in a few weeks.  The cover will feature one of our favorite photos from the day, shown below.  We can't wait to look through all of the pictures again!

You may have noticed that I haven't showed my wedding ring. This wasn't an oversight!  You'll have to come back and check it out for this week's Pretty Things Thursday!

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Looks like you guys have great memories!!


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