Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pretty Things Thursday: Turkish Tea Light Lantern

This awesome tea light lantern was brought home from Turkey by my sister and her husband.  They took a cruise around the Mediterranean for their honeymoon, and I was very excited that we received something ceramic when they returned. 

There are holes around the sides and a larger hole in the top for light and heat to escape.  I love the detailing, especially the little black dots in the yellow ring around the hole.  We just use it as a nice decoration since we don't light too many candles around here.  I'm convinced that Flick will somehow light himself on fire.

Even the back, which we don't see that often since it's usually facing the wall, is pretty.  Now that I see it again, I might consider flipping it around for some of the time so we can enjoy the back.

Aren't handmade local goods the best gifts to receive?


  1. that is such a pretty and thoughtful gift! I thing the back is very pretty too!

  2. Thanks, Penny! I look forward to traveling to Europe one day so we can return the favor to my sister and her husband.


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