Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewaholic Crescent Skirt Muslin #3

Friends, it looks like the Crescent is not meant for a body of my proportions.  Which is sad, because I've seen a bunch of adorable Crescents on other people and I really love the design.  The gathers just aren't doing kind things to my hips and backside.

Much like view B, view A looks good from the front.

When I move sideways, the trouble starts.

Then when I turn around, it's all over.

Even though I ended up making three, I'm glad that I made muslins first so I didn't waste the more expensive fabric that I bought for the skirt.  I consider this a good lesson learned: I should never buy skirts or dresses that have gathers right at the hip.

I'm bummed because I really love how the waistband comes together.  And I love the pockets.  I wonder if I can somehow tweak the pattern so there aren't any gathers and it's more of a straight skirt.  Any suggestions?

Now I need to figure out what to make with the fabric that I bought for the Crescent.  Perhaps another Ginger is in store!


  1. Oh, dear! Is there any chance that the gathers puff out because the weight of the muslin fabric is too thick and lacks drape? Maybe this would be different in the "real" fabric? I just bought this pattern for myself (along with her new Lonsdale dress) and now I fear I will not like it either - gathers at the most voluminous part of my body are never a good idea! Still, I'm hopeful for you and maybe your “real” fabric will make all the difference.

  2. At first I thought the real fabric would hang nicer than the muslin, but they appear to be very similar in weight. The skirt looks great on Tasia though, and it's designed for pear-shaped ladies, so maybe it's just my proportions. Good luck on yours!

  3. Hmmm, I've been loving all the cute Crescent skirts, but I have a feeling this would look exactly the same on me. It's nice to discover that you don't like something before cutting into your nice fabric, though!


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