Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Things Thursday: Embroidery Scissors

I have a problem when it comes to needing pretty accessories for my hobbies. One of my biggest weaknesses is a pretty pair of embroidery scissors. Hence why I have three pairs.

Early on in my crafting, I came across a pair of stork embroidery scissors.  I was in need of a small pair of scissors, so I snatched them up.  I used them for embroidery and while sewing as thread snips.

Keeping track of them got tiresome after a while, so when the Wicked Step Scissors were released, I picked up a pair of them to keep in my embroidery box.

I was content with my scissors for separate hobbies, and then Sublime Stitching threw a wrench into the situation: they released the Owl Scissors.  How dare they!  I immediately felt compelled to order a pair, but controlled myself because I really had no reason to have them.  Then, as I mentioned yesterday, a situation presented itself to me and I felt that I could finally reward myself with a pair.  I get that they look like an owl, but they remind me of the Golden Snitch even more.  They are super sharp and I love them.  (Side note: only two more weeks, Potter fans!  I can’t wait!)

From now on, I’m going to have to ignore embroidery scissors at all costs.  Even I can’t think of an excuse to buy another pair!

Do you have a weakness when it comes to your crafting supplies?


  1. Love the scissors - I bet you’ll be collecting them for life, despite your comment of ignoring them “at all costs”… you know how it goes with pretty little things! I must confess my weakness is books; over the past four years I seem to have amassed an enormous collection of knitting and sewing books. I haven’t tried the projects from some of them, but I just love the feel and weight of the books, and the photos are always so dreamy. They do take an awful lot of space though, so I’d say stick with the scissors!

  2. Oh boy, I am a hoarder of books too! I'm with you--the pictures are too hard to resist. I admit that I have made few projects from them. I was going to force myself to start using them, perhaps I'll set a challenge for myself after the crazy summer winds down!


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