Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sewaholic Crescent Skirt Muslin #2

When I made a muslin of this skirt the first time around, I realized right before I was about to put in the zipper I had cut the wrong size.  This time around, I made sure to cut out the correct size.  I was 1/2" above the waist measurement for the size 6, so I decided to go with it anyway and then just borrow from the seam allowance.  To my delight, this worked out well.  The waist of the skirt fits perfectly.  Since this was my second time putting together the skirt, it went pretty smoothly.  The only issue is that, now that I'm able to zip the skirt up, I realize that this style skirt isn't the most flattering on me.  I'll share these pictures since we're friends and this is a learning process.

Let me first say that, from the front, this skirt photographs a whole lot better than it looks in person. 

I looked at the pictures of the front and second guessed what I saw in the mirror.  I went back to re-examine myself in the skirt, but the second look resulted in the same decision as the first: the gatherings around the hips were making my butt look gigantic.  Once I got to the side and back view pictures, I knew I made the correct judgment.  This skirt adds way too much volume to my already ample backside.

Say it with me: yikes.  The side view is the worst angle to see me in this skirt.  Here's a look from the back.

The waist looks nice though, so I'm going to try view A, which has a straighter skirt than view B.  I'm also going to add some length to the skirt so it hits me right at the knee, which is much more flattering than a couple inches above the knee.

The good news is that I don't have to cut out an entirely new muslin.  I just have to cut out the skirt pieces since the waistband and pockets are the same for all three views.  Stay tuned for muslin #3!


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