Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Embroidery Supplies!

Can you believe I am already up to post 100?  I can't!  It's a good thing I'm well on my way to completing the challenges I set for myself at the beginning of this year!

Since starting Mr. Fox, I’ve been enjoying embroidering during my lunch break.  I ran into a problem though, because I would often feel like embroidering at home or on the weekends and all of my embroidery supplies would locked away in my desk at work 30 miles down the road.  A couple of times I brought my bag of embroidery supplies home with me at night, just in case, but this got old really quickly as I already carry a huge bag on the train with me.

Last week, I finally broke down and ordered duplicates of my embroidery supplies.  Was this completely necessary?  Probably not, but I like being able to do what strikes my fancy when my fancy is stroked.  It’s just not as fun to sew or knit when what I really want to be doing in that moment is embroidering.  I love sewing, knitting, and embroidering, but sometimes I want to do one more than the others.  The good news is that I always feel like doing one of my hobbies.  I can’t remember the last time I was bored! 

After I made the decision to buy duplicates, I clicked on over to Sublime Stitching and started adding goodies to my cart.  I’m warning you: this site is dangerous.  After some editing, this is what I ended up with:

I won’t tell you what the total ended up being.  I bought the transfer paper and tracing paper so I would have enough supplies to embroider on our Great Western Adventure.  God forbid that I need to trace something  and be out of tracing paper!

I started using Thread Heaven (the little blue box on the left side of the picture) a few months ago and love what it does to the thread.  Dubbed “thread conditioner,” it makes the floss a little easier to work with and protects the floss on your finished artwork.  Of course I had to have a jar at each of my embroidery locations!

If you remember seeing my embroidery floss stash that I shared in the past, you’d probably say that I didn’t need to buy the floss combo.  You would be almost right.  The main issue that I have with my thread stash is that I have a lot of the same colors.  This is because when I first started embroidering, I bought one of those giant packs of floss at Joann.  I can’t say this was a mistake since I use those colors a lot, but it is nice to have a bunch of different shades of floss.  I found myself going to Joann whenever I had a project and picking out more shades.  Since I won’t be able to do this on our road trip, I thought a different color combo would help keep me satisfied with my color choices.

I ended up getting two packs of needles because I’ve been using the same needles since I started embroidering and I decided it was time to start fresh.  I have a black version of the tool case (the one in the picture is pink) and it works out perfectly to hold my scissors, needles, and anything else small that I’m working with (most often a couple of colors of thread).  The folks at Sublime Stitching shipped the Owl Scissors (which you’ll get a closer look at tomorrow) and the needles already in the tool case for me.  How adorable are they? 

My hope is that having two sets will help with faster progress on a few embroidery projects that I have in the works.  I’ll share them with you soon!


  1. Lindsay, you're making me really want to try my hand at embroidery! Now that I'm done with the Swing Skirt I need another portable project. It’s too warm to start knitting so maybe I'll have to look up the Sublime Stitching site after all.

  2. The Sublime Stitching book is great for explanations on all of the different types of stitches. They have great patterns too!


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