Monday, December 26, 2011

Gifts for the Little Ones

I was SO excited when I finally finished with these ring toys.  I committed to making two of these before I got the pattern in the mail and upon reading the instructions I realized that I was in trouble.  I didn't realize they would involve so much hand sewing and that they would be so complex to construct!  Thankfully I have a lengthy daily commute on the train so I was able to do most of the hand sewing while in transit.

Ring Stacker Toys

They aren't perfect, but I finished them!  And that's all that matters.  I used the Heather Bailey Happy Stacker Ring Toy pattern. I had a bunch of leftover fabric from Henry's baby quilt so I didn't even have to buy any additional fabric!

Ring Stacker Toy for A

I love how happy the fabrics look together! I hope the little ones that will receive these love them as much as I do!

Ring Stacker Toy for G

I also made another superhero cape, this time for my sister's nephew. I think I have perfected my approach at appliqueing the letters and shapes onto the back of the cape.  This little guy loves Lightning McQueen too. He's a pretty popular character!

G's Superhero Cape

The good news is that since this is the fourth cape that I've made, it went together in under two hours. That was very much appreciated after I spent most of the month making the two ring sets!

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  1. Ari does love his stacker! He actually stands in his pack & play gnawing on the rings like a donut.


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