Friday, December 16, 2011

In the Night Kitchen Project

Remember when I used to post about things that I've actually made?  Don't worry, I've been a busy Christmas elf but since it's not Christmas yet, I haven't been able to share anything that I've made.  I should be able to start sharing some things next week, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, take a look at one of my works in progress.  I am recreating this illustration from In The Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak for Mr. Pinds.

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It's one of his favorite illustrations from the book and we both agree that it's magical and would look great in our kitchen. I was going to make it for him as a surprise Christmas present, but I got so overwhelmed with my other projects and started to doubt my ideas for it that I caved in and shared it with him.  Good thing I did because he suggested a few changes to my original idea and I think the end product is going to look so much better!  Here is what we have so far, complete with curious kitty.

In the Night Kitchen

Ok, it looks a little crappy and sad right now.  The middle fabrics will eventually be covered by the buildings so I just used muslin as a filler in between the sky and the shelf that the milk is resting on.

The first change that I'm doing is substituting a darker blue for the sky so it actually looks like night.  When I picked out all of the fabrics this blue looked pretty dark, but now I think it's a little too light.

I'll be using a combination of fabric, applique, and embroidery for this project.  I hope to get some work done on it during Winter Break, which starts next Friday!  I'll have 10 glorious days to relax and catch up on a few projects that have been tossed aside during Christmas crafting.  I can't wait!


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