Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pretty Things Thursday: Ceramic Christmas Tree

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, my parents dropped by and gave me and Nick this beauty!

Christmas Tree

We immediately broke our own no-Christmas-decorations-before-Thanksgiving rule and set him up on our bookcase.  I had one in my house growing up that my mom had made, and when I moved out I strongly hinted that I wanted one for our house.  My parents searched for three years, and finally, they found one at a local craft fair (which coincidentally happened to be at Nick's old high school)!

Isn't it the best?  It's so festive and homey.  The lights are the perfect colors too.

Christmas Tree

Did your parents have any Christmas decorations that you secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to steal from them?


  1. oh wow, my grandmother had one of those trees! I'll have to hunt it down now. I love yours!

  2. Ahhh! We had one of these growing up, too! I think my mom's stepmom made it during a ceramics craze? It's so cheery!

    My mom has a nice collection of 30's-era glass and metal ornaments that are so beautiful-- I would LOVE to snake those!

  3. Ginger, your mom's ornaments sound amazing! We have a couple of vintage ornaments from my grandparents that we love.


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