Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gifts for Baby Henry

My friend and fellow crafter Sasha had a baby a few weeks ago!  His name is Henry and he is insanely adorable.  I was a little behind in sewing up some gifts for the new mommy and daddy, but I finished them up only a few days after he was born.

Henry's Quilt

Having loved making my first quilt, I can’t believe it took me almost an entire year to make another quilt.  For me, sewing a quilt top is a different experience than sewing a garment—it’s instant gratification as you see the shapes coming together!  Seriously, I am hooked. 

Henry's Quilt

I used the Sunshine and Sock Monkeys Baby Quilt pattern in Modern Log Cabin Quilting.  This was my first time making log cabins and I really caught on after the first square.  They were so quick and easy to make!  The pattern called for the squares to use different fabric, but I’m a needs-order kind of girl so I made all of the squares identical.  I kept the quilting simple and just stitched diagonal straight lines.  Thankfully the rascal cat was taking a nap while I put the quilt sandwich together!  He would have had a field day playing with all of this fabric!

Henry's Quilt

Once again I really enjoyed hand sewing to finish the binding.  Not only do I like the look of a hand-sewn binding better, but I like that it allows me time to just sit with the quilt and admire it as I finish it.  Sort of like a test drive for the future owner.  I’m happy to say that this quilt is nice and toasty.  I may or may not have sat with it on for a while after I finished the binding before throwing it in the washer. 

Henry's Quilt

What fabric did I use?  I’m so glad you asked because I kept a nice and tidy list this time!


  •          Moda Modern Workshop Exhibit Stripe, Blue/Teal/Green
  •          Moda Modern Workshop Exhibit Stripe, Orange/Red/Yellow
  •          Taza Color Stripe, Yellow
  •          Taza Color Stripe, Orange
Polka Dots

  •          Urban Circus Dots, Green/Orange
  •          Urban Circus Dots, Yellow/Green
  •          I Heart Dots, Blue
  •          Amy Butler Love Sunspots, Wine
Inside squares: Urban Circus Elephants, Sky Blue
Back: Urban Circus Giraffe, Lime
Sashing/Border: Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen, Straw
Binding: Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen, Blue

Henry's Quilt

Henry's Quilt

I love this quilt just as much as the first quilt I made.  It was hard to part with!

Henry's Quilt

I had some leftover fabric so I made a tag blanket for Henry to suck on and a small stuffed toy to keep him company.  Both were made using patterns in Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing For Baby and were very quick and easy to make.  I finally got the positioning of the ears correct so they actually look like ears this time instead of a bow.  Hurray for progress!

Henry's Tag Blanket and Stuffed Toy


  1. Oh, it's too cute! You did a fantastic job. I snuggle all my quilts while binding before gifting. I call it giving them a test drive. Gotta make sure they are warm right!?

  2. The quilt is amazing and Henry is very grateful!!

  3. Love the quilt and tag blanket. The fabrics you used are so cool - what perfect gifts for a new baby!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is so sweet! I love it!


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