Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Spy Bags for St. Chris Patients

Aren't days off great for getting to all of the things that you put off?  Back in April, I ran an activity during Take Your Child to Work Day at my workplace where the kids made I Spy bags. (Learn how to make your I Spy bags—it's really easy!)  The kids were able to make one for themselves and make one for a patient at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.  During the activity, the sewing machine that I was using to sew up the bags broke, and we were left to hand sew the opening in the bags.  Since this took way longer than it would have using a sewing machine, we were only able to hand sew the bags that the kids were making for themselves.  That left me with the task of stuffing and sewing up the rest of the bags.

The kids who attended Take Your Child to Work Day were also encouraged to bring a book for a patient at St. Chris.  Since the date hadn't been set to deliver the books and the I Spy bags, I of course put off finishing the rest of the bags so I could work on other more timely projects.  Before I left work this past Friday I received news that the delivery date would be June 7th, so I moved the I Spy bags up to the top of my "Memorial Day Weekend To Do List."

I am glad to say that they are all now finished and packaged up for the kids at St. Chris.  During the activity, the kids were able to make 14, and this weekend I made 36, making a grand total of 50 I Spy bags for St. Chris patients.  I'm beyond excited that we are able to donate so many!

This project allowed me to officially cross off my resolution to complete 14 items for charity.  Not that I'm going to just take it easy for the rest of the year though.  We're not even halfway through yet!


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