Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Sewing Plans

I feel like it’s been forever since I posted about something I made.  Sad how that my day job gets in the way of my hobbies!  My Runabout Jacket is just about finished.  All I have to do is attach the lining to the outside fabric, hem the sleeves and jacket, and make and attach the buttons.  No sweat!  Here are a few sneak peak photos at the almost-finished product.

Check out that topstitching, not done with a double needle, by the way!

Now that that beast of a project is almost over I’ll be able to focus on the Crescent skirt and Ginger skirt sew alongs!  I’m way behind on my Crescent skirt thanks to my silly error of cutting out the wrong size.  I was planning on just making a muslin of the waistband, but, after seeing how long View C was, I'm switching to View B.  Plus I'm different sizes in my waist and hips, so I want to work out all fitting issues before I start the real deal.  Part of me doesn’t even want to think about the Ginger sew along until I have made some progress on the Crescent.  I have a four-day weekend thanks to tacking a personal day onto Memorial Day weekend, so I’ll hopefully get some hefty sewing hours in to catch up.  I haven’t even selected my Ginger fabric yet!  I’m headed to Joann after work armed with coupons to pick something out.

I’d also like to take another stab at the Crepe fitting issues that I’ve been struggling with.  Sneakfuzz was kind enough to give me a few fitting tips after seeing my muslin on Flickr.  I’m going to follow her advice and see what happens. 

As for Project Ridgway, we’re taking a few weeks off before we start a new session in the beginning of June.  We’re going to focus on dresses this time.  I’ll be dipping into my Lisette patterns and making the Passport dress.  Casy from Casey's Elegant Musings just whipped up her version of the Passport dress and I’m thankful that she said it went together very smoothly.  If all goes well, I’ll whip up the muslin before our first class on June 8th and hit the ground running! 

If you’re keeping track, here is what I intend to work on in the coming weeks:
1)  Runabout Jacket: Sew the lining to the outside fabric, hem the sleeves and jacket, and make and attach the buttons.
2)  Crescent skirt: Make muslin of waistband in correct size, fix fitting issues, cut and sew final skirt
3)  Ginger skirt: Make muslin, fix fitting issues, cut and sew final skirt
4)  Crepe dress: Fix fitting issues, cut and sew final dress
5)  Passport dress: Make muslin

Totally doable, right?

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  1. Eek, this is going to be adorable!!


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