Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Planning My Habitat Quilt

Sadly, not much sewing has been happening around these parts because of the frenzied I Spy bag workshop that our house turned into last week and running in the Broad Street Run on Sunday.  I have been doing some planning though!

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about my Habitat quilt and that I still needed to select sashing, backing, and binding fabric for it.  The closest fabric shop to me is about a 25 minute drive, and even though they have a ton of fabric to select from, I never seem to find the time to go there.  I would love to open a fabric shop in Newtown Borough where people want to shop and discuss and be creative.  Isn’t State Street just asking for such a place?  Think Spool or the Urban Craft Center but in Bucks County.  Then I could walk or ride my bike to buy fabric.  How wonderful does that sound? 

Image Source

I would just buy all of my fabric from Spool, but they aren’t very convenient to get to by public transportation and since I take the train to work it’s not exactly easy to swing by after work or on lunch.

Anyway, this is all leading up to what you might have already guessed: I caved in and ordered myself a Robert Kaufman Kona Color Card from Pink Chalk Fabrics!

Isn’t it glorious?  A couple of Saturdays ago I surrounded myself with all of the Habitat fabrics and went through the color card to pick out sashing and binding fabric.  I did miss the opportunity to ask the clerk what she thought of my choices, but I consulted with Nick, so at least I have someone whose taste I trust to bounce ideas off of!  I decided on white for the sashing since the Habitat prints are a bit busy and I didn’t want the quilt to be super crazy.  The border will be berry. 

The backing fabric will be Drop Cloth Blue from Jay McCarroll's Habitat line.

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I’m very excited to finally cut into this awesome and colorful fabric!  What projects have you had in mind but just can’t seem to get started on?


  1. Can I ask where you are at? Are you actually in Newtown? I'm in Montgomeryville and seriously considering opening a shop when I go back to work.I have yet to even go to spool! It's not easy hauling a 2yr old into the city. :( Good for you getting a kona card - I love mine. Your Jay McCarroll is going to be fun, can't wait to see it come together.

  2. Sure! I'm in Newtown, although not in the Borough where I'd love to be. The shop I was talking about is Sew Smart Fabrics in Doylestown. They have a ton of selection and also offer a few classes, although I've never taken one there.


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