Friday, May 20, 2011

Four Score!

My fourth panel is finished!  I finished a healthy portion of this panel during a pre-Easter viewing of The Ten Commandments (it's crazy sharp on Blu-ray) but then my productivity dropped off for a few weeks.

Although I do love how relaxing the simple stockinette stitch is, it's so tempting to sleep on the train ride home!  Most of my knitting is done on the train, but every now and then I'll spend the night in front of the TV knitting.

This panel looks almost identical to the very first piece of knitting I ever finished: a gray scarf for Nick to wear with his winter coat.  The yarn I used for the scarf was a bit thicker and it looks awesome with his black pea coat!  I'll have to remember to schedule a fashion shoot once it gets cold again.  Don't worry, I definitely don't want to rush through Spring and Summer.  I am sick of this constant rain and am ready for the warm sunshine!

I know I promised to unveil my Runabout Jacket this week, but it's not quite finished yet.  I got a migraine on Tuesday that pretty much kicked my ass for two days straight, and last night I was prepping for our weekend trip to DC, so I didn't get to work on it as much as I wanted to.  I didn't want to rush it and do a crappy job since I've spent so much time on it.  It's going to be too warm for it this weekend in DC anyway, so I'm not too disappointed that it's not finished.  I'll be all the more excited when it gets finished next week!

I'm excited to have fun with our new cameras in DC.  We plan on visiting the National Museum of Natural History, the Newseum, the National Gallery of Art, a bunch of monuments and landmarks, and a few awesome restaurants, including Founding Farmers.  I'll be sure to share our pictures when we get back! 

What do you have planned for this weekend?


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