Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tissue Holders Stocking Stuffer

I just realized that I never posted the stocking stuffers that I made back in November!  I like to sneak something handmade into the stockings that I have access to on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year I had access to 15 stockings, so I had to choose my project wisely.

I used the JCasa tutorial from Sew Mama Sew and wowie were they quick to put together! I had these cut and sewn within 2 hours! I highly recommend an assembly line if you’re going to tackle large quantities of the same product.

Tissue Holders

These were a hit, surprisingly especially with our almost-5 year-old nephew, who asked if he could bring it to bed with him because he was a little sniffly.  I love that they can be refilled with tissues from a normal box.  Plus, since I end up crying at a good deal of the movies we see, it’s nice that I’m not alerting the whole theatre of my sappiness by the crinkling of a normal tissue packet.  It makes my crying covert!

I love this Jay McCarroll fabric.  I used it to make last year’s stocking stuffers.  I still have a bunch of large scraps leftover and am thinking that they would work nicely for one of the charity quilts that I plan on making.


  1. Those are wonderful!! I am so making these for a "just because" gift. Thanks.

  2. oh, and I pinned the pic to Pinterest!

  3. Girl, you are a gift-making machine! What a nice gift! Oh, and your nephew sounds like a sweetheart... :)


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