Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday Snow Hike

We finally got some snow on Saturday! I've been itching to use my snowshoes but we have had a serious lack of snow so far this winter. We were blessed with about 4 inches yesterday, which wasn't enough to use the snowshoes, but it was nice for a snow hike.

After months of spending most of our weekends indoors, it was really nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air. I think the key to not being miserable out in the cold is the right gear. You can't be too cold or too warm or it won't be very fun romping around in the snow. Yesterday I wore the usual long underwear, double pair of socks, snow pants, ski jacket, and ear warmer (I find that if I wear a hat I get way overheated). But I also added two new pieces of gear that pretty much made my winter activities perfect: gaitors and 3-in-1 mittens.

Mr. Pinds and I received gaitors from his sister for Christmas because we were sick of getting snow in our boots.  Mine are the teal colored things around my boots.


These things are brilliant!  They're basically a waterproof piece of fabric that attach to the tip of your boot, wrap around the sole of your boot and then get clasped together around your calf.  They kept the snow out of my boots and in turn my feet were nice and toasty for the entire time that we were outside.

Mr. Pinds found the 3-in-1 mittens at EMS while looking for Christmas gifts. I got the mittens and he picked up a pair of the gloves. These are great because there is a thin pair of gloves on the inside the mittens, so you can take off the mittens if you need a little more dexterity and still have warm hands. These worked great while we were taking pictures! The mittens have a strap on them so I just had to slip the mittens off and not worry about losing them while I took pictures. They just dangled around my wrists until I was finished.


My fingers were seriously toasty with both gloves on and pretty warm with just the liner gloves too.

I am so glad that we finally have all of the gear that we need for winter outdoor fun. Do you have any favorite gear for winter?


  1. Ooh, I've been looking for a pair of mittens that you can use liners with! My fingers and toes always get so cold outside! I work outside all the time, so the best investment I ever made was getting a nice set of raingear! You stay so dry with a nice pair of waterproof pants-- it makes a huge difference to your comfort. I also sprung for the North Face Arctic Parka last year, and I'm warm in it even on the coldest days in NYC.

    1. Oooh I just love the sound of an arctic parka! I have a long down coat that I have dubbed "the comforter" that I wear to commute in the winter. It's like being wrapped in a huge sleeping bag, which is perfect for my train naps!


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