Friday, August 5, 2011

Planning a New Ginger Skirt

Every time I go on a vacation, I make a spreadsheet of what I need to pack.  I can’t help it—I need to be organized and make sure I don’t forget anything!  Last week I was starting to put together a spreadsheet for our Great Western Adventure packing list, and I realized that my Ginger skirt is perfect to have on hand to change into when we arrive at our destinations.  Then I decided that having two would be perfect, because I could bring a handful of tank tops and switch off the Gingers so I’m not wearing the same thing in every photo.

Yes, two weeks before we leave on our trip, I decide that I need to make another skirt, on top of the dress that I’m supposed to be finishing so I can wear it to a wedding at the end of our trip.  Oh, and on top of finishing the Passport dress.  Did I mention that I’m working up until the day that we leave?  Am I crazy?  Probably.  But it’s the perfect plan!

This does mean that I won’t be able to get to the sewing project for a friend that I wanted to complete before our trip.  Although, that project would have taken me longer to complete than the skirt, so I’m calling it even and not beating myself up about it too much.  That project is the very first thing on my list to complete when we get back from our trip, and I am holding myself to that!

In a stroke of luck that I take as the universe agreeing with my crazy plan, I stumbled upon the Fall line of Lisette fabrics at Joann when I was there picking up some random supplies for my dresses.  And what does it include?  A brown chambray, of course!  It's down there on the bottom right.

And I had a 50% off coupon, which I took to be the final sign that it was meant to be (the fall Lisette fabrics are still full price since they just arrived in stores), so I snatched up 2 yards. Thankfully I'm not a huge fan of the two new Fall patterns, so my ever growing pattern stash is safe for now.

Brown chambray

I know that sewing the same version of a skirt in two very similar fabrics seems a bit boring, but I have a theory.  The blue and brown chambray are both pretty neutral, which means they both go with the tank tops that I plan on taking on the trip.  So instead of getting 4 outfits out of 2 skirts and 4 tank tops, I can potentially get 8 outfits out of the same articles of clothing.  This is genius!  And will hopefully prohibit me from overpacking (which I always seem to do).

I came up with a sewing plan for the last two weeks before the trip.  Of course I underestimated how long it would take me to do things and I got a little off schedule.  Then the sewing gods shined upon me and brought in a thunderstorm that cancelled our Frisbee game on Monday night, freeing up a whole two hours of sewing that I didn’t think I would have.  I now have a half-finished brown chambray Ginger on my sewing table!

Makings of a Ginger Skirt


  1. Ooh yay! More Ginger fun! Good luck with your sewing! Love the brown chambray! I don't know if it's too late, but have you thought about adding pockets? I ask because I brought my Gingers on vacation with me but really wished that they had pockets. Guess I'll have to make another! :)

  2. You’re not crazy at all, and one can never have enough basics at hand so I say do it! Sadly, the Lisette line of fabrics is not available in Canada and Joann’s does not deliver outside the U.S. but next time in south of the border I’ll be hunting these fabrics down. Like you, I’m not impressed with Lisette’s fall patterns… no need to add to the stash anyway. Can’t wait to see your finished products prior to your trip.

  3. Ginger: Pockets are an excellent idea! Too bad I already had the side seams of the skirt sewed up already and didn't really have time to rip them out. Boo! It's an idea for my next Ginger though!

    Andrea: that is a bummer that you don't have access to the Lisette fabrics. Although, like the Fall patterns, I'm not a huge fan of any of the Fall fabrics except for the chambray. Hopefully this is just an off season.


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