Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finished Brown Chambray Ginger Skirt

Here she is, chambray Ginger skirt #2!

Brown Chambray Ginger Skirt

I love that this skirt came together so quickly since I had already worked through the fitting issues.   Of course I would have gotten it done a lot sooner had I not accidentally sewed through my finger on Saturday night!  I'm still not sure how it happened, but what set me up for it was inserting the pins the wrong way when sewing hem tape onto the bottom of my Passport dress.  I reached to remove a pin and somehow at the same time still managed to have my foot on the foot pedal.  The next thing I knew, the needle was broken and my fingernail was bleeding from the middle of the nail.  Not good.  My only excuse was that I had been at frisbee finals from 9:30am - 4:00pm that day and I was pretty tired.  This is yet another reason why I shouldn't sew when tired.

Thankfully the needle wasn't stuck in my finger, but instead broke when it punctured my fingernail.  I couldn't find all of the pieces of the needle, and what I found were tiny shards of metal, so Nick insisted that we go to the ER to make sure there wasn't any metal under my fingernail.  I was not fond of this plan since it was 10:30pm on a Saturday night (who knows what craziness we would encounter there), but agreed since we were leaving for vacation and I didn't want to find myself in the middle of the nowhere in need of a doctor.  Thankfully I made it through triage and an x-ray quickly and after only an hour and a half, we left the ER knowing that my hand was metal-free!  But sewing since has proved difficult because my finger is pretty sore and a little swollen.  I never realized how critical your left index finger is while sewing!  Hopefully I will never sew through my finger again.

So back to my new Ginger.  I had originally wanted to try out version 2 so I didn’t end up with two almost completely identical skirts, but I was realistic about my time for once and decided to go with version 1 again.  A version 2 is in my future though, I’m just not sure when.

Brown Chambray Ginger Skirt

As I mentioned on Friday, the reason why I whipped up another Ginger was so I can mix and match a few tank tops with it and my other Ginger.  There are 10 days during our trip when I’ll need to wear clothes that aren’t meant to be hiked in, so by packing 2 Gingers and 4 tank tops, I’ll only be repeating exact outfits twice.  Hurrah for smart packing!

Also, don't you love my new sneaks?  I picked them up for the days that we're visiting cities so I'm not trudging around in sandals for hours and getting blisters.  They're lightweight canvas and are super comfy.  Plus I got them on sale at DSW.  Bonus!


  1. Ouch!!! Sorry to hear about your poor finger! But if it's any consolation, the skirt looks super cute! Isn't it fun to make something for a second time and just be able to plow through it without any fitting stuff?

  2. Yikes - sounds like a painful day of sewing. Hopefully your finger will heal in no time and you'll be back at whipping up lovely creations. Ginger #2 looks great.

  3. Ginger: Yes, sewing this second Ginger was so fast and easy because I didn't have to worry about fit!

    I'm glad to report that my finger is feeling a lot better today. It's only mildly sore when I type and I didn't have to take any Advil today! Hurrah! Good timing too because I'll be putting in some hefty sewing hours tonight and tomorrow night to finish up my dress before we leave!


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