Monday, August 8, 2011

Ms. Kitty Embroidery

Introducing Ms. Kitty of the Ryan Berkley Quartet!  Admittedly, Ms. Kitty is my least favorite of the four, but I do love a dapperly dressed animal.  Maybe it’s because Ms. Kitty isn’t as formal as the rest of the bunch?  Although her broach and hair clip are quite fetching.  I won’t be surprised if Flick develops a crush on her immediately.
Ms. Kitty

I forgot to mention when I shared Ms. Bunny that I used Sublime Stitching’s method of blending two colors of floss to create a wood-like feel for the frame.  I’m pleased with the result and I think using the split stitch added the texture needed for a “wooden” frame.
Ms. Kitty of the Ryan Berkley Quartet

In case you're keeping track, here are the two that are finished and ready to be framed.

Ms. Kitty and Ms. Bunny

I’m so excited for when they’re all finished and I can hang them and stare at them in their formal glory every day!


  1. Your stitching is like ink paintings - so delicate and filled with detail. These characters will look absolutely lovely framed and on your wall.

  2. Wow, what a nice compliment! Thanks! I really enjoy the small details on these. I think they have convinced me to divide the floss on future projects so the lines are more delicate.

  3. These are so flipping cute. I especially like the kitty.

  4. Thanks guys! I am completely obsessed with these patterns. Hopefully Sublime Stitching will release another set of Ryan Berkley designs!


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