Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our New Couch!!

I mentioned in my Knitted Afghan post that Nick and I were taking the plunge into adulthood and finally getting matching furniture. We were so fortunate to have family and friends give us their used furniture when we bought out house in 2008 that we didn’t have to buy anything for the living room! My parents, by way of my sister, gave us two insanely comfortable chairs and ottomans, my aunt and uncle, again by way of my sister, gave us a couch, and the parents of my friend gave us end tables and lamps. We have such great people in our lives!

A comfortable couch is pretty important to us. We actually like how our current couch feels, but the fabric just isn’t our taste. We had a red slip cover on it for a while, but constantly adjusting the shifting slip cover got really old really fast.

  Knitted Afghan

We had started our couch hunt last year and came up empty. Everything was either too big, too expensive, too cheaply made, not comfortable, or not our style. We wanted a nice couch but something that wasn't overly expensive so that we’d feel like we needed to hold onto it for the next 30 years. So we stopped looking. This turned out to be a good thing because between then and now, we changed our minds about our downstairs renovation, which, in turn, changed the plan for our furniture.

So we decided to start looking for couches again, starting with the Crate and Barrel outlet in Cranbury, NJ. As soon as we walked in, we saw the perfect couch. We spent awhile sitting on it and examining it, and then a little while longer wondering if this was too good to be true. The couch was originally $1699 and was marked down to $509!! We couldn't find anything wrong with it, so we bought it. We finally got this bad boy in our house yesterday and it looks awesome. Flick has been spending the last 24 hours making sure his scent is sufficiently rubbed all over it.

Our new couch

Flick loves the new couch. He has been planted on it since we brought it in the house.

Flick on the new couch

We still have the issue of mismatched furniture, but at least we're on our way. Even though the chairs that we have are a little bit big for our space and the fabric is dated, I absolutely love them.

Our New Couch 

They are SO comfortable! I had been struggling with the thought of getting rid of them, so much so that I was considering trying to store them somewhere until we have a bigger house where we might be able to use them again. Then Nick came up with the perfect idea: let’s reupholster them. Duh! How did this not occur to me? Sure, they’re still going to be slightly too big for our space, but I’m willing to live with that if it means still having super comfy chairs. And the styling won’t be too different from our couch because underneath the bottom flaps are legs that look just like our couch’s! It was meant to be! We're going to reupholster the ottomans in the same fabric as the chairs and attempt to convert them into storage ottomans.

Now I just need to make some new pillow covers since our button covers no longer go with the couch (well, they went with the red slip cover so I guess we're a little far removed from when anything matched in our living room). I'm thinking something quilted, but we're still deciding on the color scheme, so it might be awhile! And don't worry, curtains and new flooring are on our list as well.


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