Thursday, January 26, 2017

More Hits from Little Things to Sew

This Christmas was a little different than last Christmas when it came to gifting handmade items. Who would have thought that having another baby would alter my Christmas gift production? :)

This year my niece was the only person to receive a handmade gift. She loves helping my sister-in-law cook, so I made her this quick and easy bias trimmed apron from Oliver + S' Little Things to Sew. I seriously love my edgestitching foot (Bernina #10) now. It made sewing on the trim so neat and easy.  

The apron is made completely from Tula Pink fabrics: the body is Fox Nap from the Chipper collection and the trim is Tortoise Shell from Slow and Steady. I don't usually buy a lot of Tula (I think the designs are pretty but they never seem to fit into the projects I'm making), but these prints jumped out at me when I was browsing in Pennington Quilt Works as my niece is a great lover of all things pink. I thought Fox Nap was just pink enough but will age nicely as she gets older.

Bias Trimmed Apron

I love the crazy toddler photobomb happening in the photo above. Truthfully, I completely forgot to take nice pictures of this apron and had to settle for a quick snap before wrapping it on Christmas Eve morning. They turned out a little dark, but you get the idea.

I included a little pink whisk to the side pocket when I wrapped it. That would have been a cute picture to capture!

Bias Trimmed Apron

Although they weren't Christmas gifts, right before Christmas I whipped up two pairs of mittens for my little wild animal. Before this, we had one pair of mittens that I was constantly misplacing in our tiny house (how this is even possible is beyond me). I didn't have any fleece in my stash, so I raided her outgrown clothes bag and reused an old pair of pajamas. And I was able to use leftover bias tape from the apron for the elastic casing (even if they are double the size the pattern calls for). It took me maybe two hours to complete both pairs, so this is a very quick project if you are in a bind. My daughter calls these her "Mommy mittens" and proclaims "Mommy made them!" every time she puts them on, including at school. Her teachers were impressed!

Two more wins for Little Things to Sew! I think by the time I'm through having little kids in my life I'll have sewn through the entire book. All of the patterns are so classic, easy, and well written that I will never tire of them. It's by far my favorite source for kids sewing. (I've also made the Red Riding Hood CapeTutu, and Explorer Vest).


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