Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas-Themed Seamwork Denali Vest

You guys have heard of Seamwork Magazine, right? It's a monthly online sewing magazine that also includes two patterns that take three hours or less to complete. Access to the articles is free and the patterns are $7 each, or you can subscribe and get them both for $6.

The October issue featured menswear and included two unisex patterns: a sweatshirt and a vest. I knew immediately that I wanted to make the Denali vest! My least favorite thing about these patterns is that they are PDF and you have to print and tape them all together. It seems like a waste of my precious free time. But I didn't really have a choice since these patterns are only offered as PDFs.

My original plan was to make an autumn themed vest that was burgundy and plaid, but that never happened. Then when I was in Joann at the end of October I happened upon this awesome fleece-backed knit Christmas print and snatched some up. I'm glad I did, because the next time I went back there wasn't any left. I also found pre-quilted navy fabric at Joann, which was a super time saver.

The weekend before Christmas I had a pocket of free time before a dinner date with friends so I cut out all of the pattern pieces and started sewing. This thing goes together quickly! Definitely under three hours from start to finish, as long as you don't have major issues installing the snaps.

Am I the only one who struggles with getting snaps to clasp together correctly without ruining them? It took FOREVER to get these eight snaps on and my husband and I ruined at least 10 snaps in the process. I think part of the issue was that the vest is thicker than recommended for the Dritz snaps, but the cheap installation tool is also partly to blame. It was such a relief when that last one attached!

And then it was 70 degrees on Christmas (in SE Pennsylvania!) so I wore it to my in-laws' house and promptly took it off. I wore it home from my parents' house later that night, but I didn't really need it. I felt like I needed to get some wear out of it for my efforts! It was finally the perfect temperature to wear today on a day date with my husband to Distrito. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend. It's my favorite restaurant and we appropriately pigged out. And then browsed for books while we tried to digest. It was the perfect setting for a dreary day photo shoot!


In retrospect, I would have only used one layer of the knit fabric for the pockets so the edges don't turn out so bulky. The pockets are actually lined up on the vest, I think I'm just standing kind of weird here. There were so many people around and it was hard to get a good shot in without looking like a total nut!

I took extra care to line up the fabric straight when cutting out the pattern pieces, but the placement of the red row at the seam was a very happy accident! I was focusing on getting the snowflakes and reindeer in (they are under my hair), but the red row is the perfect framing for the back yolk.

IMG_6740 (2)

 I also really love the inside. The facings with the lining make it nice and clean inside and out.

IMG_6742 (2)

All in all, the pattern is a little boxy, but it was quick and easy for a Christmas-themed article of clothing!


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